Volunteer Here!

Art4All 2019 is nearly here - yippee! This year we're celebrating 22 amazing years of art, community, fabulous food and fun. And of course, none of this would happen without all of you marvellous volunteers.

We need all parents to sign up for at least an hour over the weekend - it's lots of fun and makes you much better looking! 

There are so many areas you can help out - love art? Check out the volunteering spots in our Gallery or Gallery Shop. Have muscles? Or want more?! Help us to set up or pack up. Masterchef your favourite show? We got food, food, and more food to prep and cook baby! Love a bit of crafty-time? Or just selling the wristbands to the crafters? The ARTzone needs you! Sustainability you're gig? Ours too. Wash against waste wants your hands in their soapy water! Just click here to head straight to the volunteer page!

Once you are there, look for the time that suits you and click the Sign Up Button. Easy!